Our extensive range of doors has something for every style and home. From humble hinged door to modern sliding, choosing the right type of door can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of your environment, and will affect how your home looks, feels and operates. Learn what’s possible with the space you have available and let your imagination get involved to come up with a creative door solution that not only looks great but is practical too.
Discover our collection of design solutions for dividing, hiding or beautifying any room in the house. See our capabilities in action through the photo gallery below, or better yet, contact us for a free consultation or quote today.
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Sliding doors are space saving doors taking up minimum floor space while giving maximum functionality. Separate a space for privacy using a single unit consisting of two panel sections, one being fixed and one being mobile to slide open to allow ventilation.
Tempered doors is a smart choice - its a toughened glass treated by heat or chemicals to increase its strength. Its popular for its safety function, reducing the risk of injury due to its nature of breaking into small, circular pieces instead of sharp, jagged shards.
Hinged doors in patch-fitting glass doors are ideal in almost any application. A hinged door works by pushing or pulling the door open, allowing it to swing on its hinges up to 180 degrees to create an opening and allow people to pass through the doorway.
Swing doors provide flexibility, efficiency and convenience for both interior and exterior entrances. Doors can be opened in either direction and that swings shut when it is released. It requires clearance space behind the door allowing to swing open freely. 
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