Design Using Glass For Home Interior Decor
Glass is an essential element on modern living. It's a versatile material. It is widely used for many purposes - one of its many using is for furniture material. When you’re designing the way your home looks, creating and finding custom glass is an easy way to put a spin on your home...
Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the presence of light in a room is one of the top tricks used by every designer out there. When you add a little light to the room, it helps make everything feel natural and brings a positive energy. Integrating glass into your interior decor is a great way to transform any room in your home. 
Design Your Home with Custom Glass
Glass furniture is certainly one of the easiest options. You can add glass into your rooms in a variety of ways. You can go with glass tables in dining rooms and living areas, as well as build and install glass bars and shelving.

Furthermore, you can use glass walls as unique design elements. Glass walls look great in kitchens and bathrooms, adding modern designs and making the room look amazing. Some people have chosen glass walls to separate their bedrooms from bathrooms, as well as the kitchen from the dining area. Glass showers are also a great addition.

Whether you’re remodeling or building, you can design the way your home looks. Concepcion Glass will assist you from glass, mirrors and showers, to replacement and repair, we are prepared to make your home look magnificent.
Decorating Tips: Custom Made Frameless Mirrors
Add custom made frameless mirrors to add depth and space to any room. Make small rooms appear larger. Mirrors are an easy way to reflect light and add warmth to a room. Use mirrors as decorating accents. Here are some ideas...
Small Rooms : Do you have a small apartment or area of your home that you want to enlarge and brighten? Adding a wall mirror will visually enlarge and brighten the space.
Fireplace : Adding a wall mirror over an existing fireplace will brighten the room and add warmth, welcoming people into the room.
Above the Sofa : Its often a great place to add a large horizontal mirror. This helps create a beautiful focus in the living room.
Patio or Lanai : Adding a large mirror hung along one wall next to a small garden can give the impression that the garden goes on forever.
Kitchen : Use mirror glass in kitchen cabinet doors to enlarge a small kitchen. Use as a beautiful accent when combined with granite counters.
Closets and Wardrobes : Add mirror panels to give a full length mirror. Very effective visually even when the mirrors are broken into smaller sections of 4-8 square feet each.
Whether you’re using them to make sure your tie is straight or to add depth and natural light to a room, frameless mirrors have a place in your home. Concepcion Glass can provide custom frameless mirrors that will increase the beauty of your residence while giving it a unique look. These custom mirrors can be a variety of shapes and sizes and will add that special touch to your residence.
What Glass Thickness Do I Need For My Glass Table Top? 
That depends on the size and use of your glass table top. Thinner glass such as 3/16” works well as a glass cover that rests on top of the actual table surface. Thicker glass such as 1/2” works very well for larger tables that need a glass table top to support heavy loads...
Standard thickness used for glass table top:
  • 3/16" thick glass : works well for a glass table top cover that rests on a table top or on lighter duty tables where the glass fits into an outside frame.
  • 1/4" thick glass : is a good thickness for heavier duty glass table top covers, standard duty tables with outside frames or smaller tables with lighter duty uses.
  • 3/8" thick glass : is good for heavier duty tables where the glass is the table top and the table top is largely unsupported.
  • 1/2” thick glass : is for heavy duty applications where the table needs to support heavier loads and the table top is unsupported.
What is the difference between a glass table top and a glass table cover?
A glass table top means that the table top is constructed out of glass. A glass table cover is a protective layer of glass that rests on top of the actual table top.
Difference between Annealed and Tempered Glass
Both annealed and tempered glass are very popular types of glass used in many different applications. When trying to choose between the two, there are a few different things that you need to keep in mind. Here are the basics of annealed and tempered glass and what you should expect from each one...
One of the biggest differences between these two types of glass is the durability that they provide. Tempered glass is four times stronger, much thicker and harder than annealed glass. Tempered glass will hold up to quite a bit more wear and tear than other types of glass. As a homeowner, this presents you a greater likelihood that the window will stay intact over the years. You will not have to worry about small things causing breakage like you would with an annealed window.
Another difference between these two types of glass is the cost involved. Tempered glass is usually quite a bit higher than annealed glass because of the added heat treatment processing. Therefore, annealed glass is the choice of those that are on a budget in most cases. The cheaper windows and doors that are in the market are commonly made out of annealed glass.
However, if you consider the long-term costs involved, tempered glass might actually be cheaper. Annealed glass has a much higher probability of breaking. Therefore, over the years, you might have to replace annealed windows and doors more often. This means that a tempered glass could last quite a bit longer than an annealed one and save you money in the long run.
Another key area where these two types of glass differ is in the safety concerns. With annealed glass, when the glass breaks, you will get many sharp and jagged shards of glass everywhere. This can cause significant injury to anyone that is around. With tempered glass, it will actually break into small and rounded pieces of glass. Therefore, there is a much greater likelihood that everyone in the vicinity will be safe. Therefore, if safety is a major concern for you, you will want to go ahead and spend the extra money to get tempered glass.
When deciding between tempered and annealed glass, you want to consider the application in which it will be used. If you are putting the glass in a very low traffic area that no one will ever touch, annealed glass might be sufficient. However, if you are putting the glass in a very high-traffic area that many people will be around, tempered glass should most likely be the choice.
In general, Annealed glass is a basic everyday glass and you may think of it as standard glass. Tempered glass is toughened glass and is a safety glass, it cannot be drilled or cut without shattering. All fabrication needs to be done while the glass is in the softer, annealed condition. Annealed glass can be cut, drilled, notched and edge finished. Tempering is only done once the shaping and fabrication is complete.
What is Laminated Safety Glass?
It takes the idea of safety glass a step further. Laminated safety glass is crafted by adhering two pieces of annealed glass together by a vinyl layer. The vinyl layer holds the glass together if the glass is broken or impaled.
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